Advertising screens content management system

The system allows you to display content or advertising on small and large screens, under your complete control.

Due to the nature of the system, the system can also be used as a dynamic directional sign that can be changed remotely. Quick registration and you can already produce an advertising screen or signage as you wish.

  • Control from anywhere
  • Smartphone support
  • Any screen size
  • Photos and videos
  • Self system

Start here

How it work


Sign up for free

Short registration, only email address


Create a new ADscreen

Creating a new advertising screen and uploading photos and videos to the presentation


Placing a screen

Synchronization between the screen you set up in the system and the physical screen in place


So who needs it and what uses


Ads screen in a store or showcase showing new promotions and collections


Contact with Employees New Posts General Messages for Employee Messaging

Lobby buildings

Screen in the building lobby to keep up with tenants Updates and messages

Large buildings

Dynamic signage for remote areas such as: no sign in, left right, messaging beyond passersby

offices building

Elevator General Public Lobby, List of office occupants locations and floors.

Conferences and exhibitions

Set up an advertising screen with a presentation for the event that includes the company name and logo.

Real estate agencies

A display screen that displays new properties, adding and removing a property easily.

POS ADscreens

Present the hottest deals at the most critical moment, at the box office.


Presenting the menu nicely and easy to update, you can also update from home.

Why us

  • smart phones support
  • fit to any screen size
  • easy to use
  • Free you can start now
  • Does not require expensive computing
  • suitable for everyone
  • Designed templates
  • News Feeds on various topics
  • Rolling messages
  • Supports videos
  • Customized frame
  • Screen management from anywhere at any hour

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